Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My computer experience, Printer, Computer & Toners

I have my Hewlett Packard Desktop computer that I'm using for all my school task & socialize on internet.
I also use a Laptop which is great for my mobility.
Using my Laser printer which use HP Laser Toner cartridges is great because is the quickly way to print out with great quality in black & I also can I use the Brother Inkjet version for color printing reasons. My laptop has a Webcam/mic Acer & Altec sound integrated.

Let me know your experiences with the printer, toner & computers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dad's B-day

6 de septiembre, long weekend.Hoy es el B-Day de mi daddy.He is now 40.Estamos aqui en casa de mi tio haciendole un party.We are having a very good time.Everybody is eating,dancing and talking.I'm taking pictures of everytihing.Tomorrow I'm going to print some pictures on my HP 7150 printer.My mom just got back from work.We will continue having fun.